About Balance Engineering

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David Ryan is the Owner of Balance Engineering. Dave is a registered Professional Engineer in Montana. He is a Registered Technical Service Provider with the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Montana. He is also a Certified Building Operator with the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council.

“As an independent contractor, I work with various clients, including industrial, commercial and agricultural clients. My history includes working as a maintenance engineer and maintenance supervisor in large surface coal mines. In 1991, I went to work for the Montana Power Company, which then became NorthWestern Energy, I implemented and helped design programs to promote energy conservation and renewable energy. in 2005, I went to work at the National Center for Appropriate Technology, and also started contracting engineering, as David Ryan PE. I became full time self employed in 2013. Along with developing many conservation and distributed energy projects, I also do pre-development work on large scale wind projects, including meteorological tower (MET Tower) installation and maintenance.

I received the NorthWest Energy Coalition’s Conservation Eagle award in 2000, the Alternative Energy Resources Organization’s Sustainable Energy award in 2010. and the Montana Renewable Energy Association Clean Energy Award in 2020. I am a founding member of the Montana Renewable Energy Association. I live in Butte, Montana.”

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