Do you have a solar water heating system or a solar electric system that does no longer work? Give us a call, we can inspect the system and make repairs! This last year repairs and modifications were made on a number of solar electric systems, on-grid and off grid that got them producing.

Solar Heat and Electricity

Basically yes, sunlight (solar) can be used to generate electric power. Small solar electric generators are scattered around Montana, some of these are connected to the utility grid, others are independent of the utility grid. Believe it or not, there are grid tied solar electric systems in Montana that have been working for over twenty three years. The reality is that some older solar electric systems may have had component failures that decrease electric energy output. It is likely that the solar modules “panels” still are producing at close to their original output, but charge controllers, inverters or other components in a solar electric system may have failed. Further, solar modules are not prone to fail, but module failures do occur.


An On Grid 6KW System Installed in 2022

8 KW Off grid system in the Thulles – A great customer satisfied

2910Solar20061224 004
Maintenance and modification of solar electric systems – yes, it is possible to add solar module capacity to an existing PV system
2910Solar20061224 001
Solar water heating – over 40 years old and still producing – Biggest problem is overheating
Battery  based on-grid PV System installed on the Little Blackfoot
Here is a photo of a failed charge controller caused by loose connections
The bottom third from the left module has failed.

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